Changing Pajamas

“Although we may not realize it, most of us are violent people–not necessarily physically, but emotionally. We have been brought up in a world that does not put love first, and where love is absent, fear sets in. Fear is to love as darkness is to light. It’s a terrible absence of what we need in order to survive.”

Lately…or maybe forever…I have been struggling with how to release fear and give in to love. It’s not that I like or appreciate fear. On the contrary, I find it to be debilitating and a thief of joy. But fear runs deep. Sometimes I do something completely out of what I believe is habit only to discover that I’m fearful of what will happen if I let go and just act from love. Love for myself, for others, for the planet. Instead I’ve asked fear to protect me and fear has been an utter failure.

Fear is comfortable. It’s like the pajamas of emotions. Except the pajamas are too tight or itchy or hot and they don’t help you sleep…but you think they will.

Love is the dangerous choice. Love will take you on adventure. Love will force you to look at yourself and other people in a new light. Love will ask you to change your words, your actions, your beliefs, and your methods. Love is not fearful…and because it lacks fear it is often reckless  joyful, and a little loony. But with love comes peace, healing, and relationship. With love comes a new way to move in the world and the ability to send fear on it’s way.

Today…maybe every hour…probably every minute or so…I choose love.

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