Revenge Travel: Come Join Us!

Google the words “revenge travel” and you’ll quickly be convinced that travel is poised to make a post-pandemic come back. As we all contemplate getting out from behind our web meetings and back into the world, there are some real trends taking the spotlight such as multi-generational trips to get families back together who have quarantined apart. Many of us are considering our bucket-list trips and wondering what’s stopping us as soon as things open back up. And we are all wondering how to build sustainability into our next adventure to ensure that Mother Nature doesn’t take a huge hit as we get back out into the world.

To that end, my teams at Tourlane are committed to building the best experience in travel! While travel has ground to a halt over these past months, we continued to work on product development with the full support of our amazing investors. And we are ready to add some more talent to our team…talent with fresh eyes, motivation, and a real love of travel and teamwork. Is that you?

In the video below I describe this in a bit more detail…and then let me know if you are an Engineer or Product Manager who loves travel and is ready to dive into this adventure with us:

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