The C-word & 2020…


You thought I meant THAT c-word?

Nooooo…not that one. Though I have discovered there is a time and place for that c-word when well placed and deserved. I call that the enlightenment of living in Europe. (hahaha!)

No…what I meant was a different c-word entirely. Or better put…several c-words.

In 2020, I’m chasing the following core desired feelings:


These are the 5 things I will focus on manifesting in my life each day…and when I’m in doubt or fear, I will turn to these 5 words for encouragement to move from stuck places to new places of growth and wholeness.

For most of 2018 and 2019, I stayed in survival mode. I did thrive in a few areas. I think I grew significantly as a leader and took new territory in my confidence as a speaker. I also bravely went back to school when it didn’t make sense to anyone but me.

On the other hand, I also didn’t live my life the way I wanted. I didn’t take care of myself. I put everyone else first. I was weighed down by the ambivalence and lack of ethics of others. I wanted to influence and instead got caught up in chasing problems that are not mine.

So…in 2020, I will live and let live. I will walk away from what I cannot change and cannot support. I will lead what is mine to lead. I will influence those who matter to me…and those who look to me for guidance. I will trust in the goodness of humanity again. I will drink more water. I will stretch. I will be open to new friendships…new loves. And I will laugh…every single god damn day.

I will show up as my ever courageous self. I will be curious about people, places, and things. I will study and will make time for creativity. I will make connections with those I love now and those I haven’t had the chance to love yet. And I will be content…as in happy with each day as it comes…not as in settling for everything as it is.

Here’s the deal…

I love you.

But I also love me.

So I’m going to make room for both. Because love is big enough for us.

Happy New Year! May your 2020 be filled with wonder and blessing.


1 thought on “The C-word & 2020…

  1. Great goals, Leah! We all need to learn to let go of other people’s issues- but it can be hard, when it’s someone you care dearly for. Here’s to setting boundaries and chasing whatever can make us better people this new year and new decade!

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