Truths: Fat Girl Edition

Truth: The world…young or old…male or female…fit or not…think it is okay to STARE openly at fat people.

Let me just set the record straight…I may be fat, but you (and usually your little jerk-faced kid who learned this behavior from you) are still being rude. 

2nd Truth: My cart full of produce and this workout gear I’m wearing are not an apology.

I don’t owe you an apology.

3rd Truth: If you stare at me, you may find yourself eye to eye with one of my death stares while I wait for you to stop looking at my body and meet my eyes.

Oh does that make you uncomfortable annoying man in Whole Foods? Then quit looking at me and I’ll move along. 

4th Truth: You don’t know my story

And I don’t know yours but whatever it is you better have some sort of disease that causes rude staring. Eyeballonyourassinosis? 

5th Truth: I’m working on me…not just my body but my mind, my spirit, my emotions, my everything.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience and mine happens to be in this physical body. What are you working on?

6th Truth: I’m going to go home and do some yoga

And I’m going to set my intention to continue to be open to strangers and avoid becoming a judgmental jerk. Thanks for the reminder of how I don’t want to carry myself in the world. 

7th Truth: I forgive you

Because that is the way that the world should work. We should be learning to love one another and forgive. So you’re forgiven.
But if I see you do it again, I might poke you in the eye with the closest sharp object.

Mind your business,



4 thoughts on “Truths: Fat Girl Edition

    1. Hi Emily!
      Thanks for reading…and for finding validation in my words. It’s a journey.

      And don’t we just love Nicole!? 🙂


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