When you feel stuck…

When you feel stuck…
Stuck in a project
Stuck in a decision
Stuck in a situation
Stuck in the unknown
Stuck in the known
…and can’t figure a way out, may I wholeheartedly suggest stopping to create something else.

Don’t keep hammering away at the code or the document or the worry.

Take a break. Get some air. And work on something else. Preferably something totally unrelated that allows you to tap into some other part of your mind, your heart, your spirit.

Get out the paints. Dance. Sing a new song. Write the great American (insert your homeland) novel. Sew. Bake the worlds best cupcake (and invite me over). Color outside the lines. Plant a tree. Make some jewelry. Design a website. Draw your favorite view. Carve something from reclaimed lumber.

The what is only as important as it is to you.

The act of doing. The art of creating. The doing and creating will open space up in your mind for imagination. And in that space you may find a solution to the stuckness. But even if you don’t, you will be reminded that you are more than someone that it stuck. You are a creator of something amazing/good/bad.

The outcome doesn’t matter so much when creating your way out of stuckness. The act of something existing where it didn’t before and that something coming from you is the point. That, my dear, is everything.

You were created with loving energy. Something from nothing. So when the world gets stuck, use some of your loving energy in another direction. In this way you will save yourself.

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