Why I Won’t Argue with You…

I have an opinion…about most things.
I’ll share my opinion…about most things.

What I won’t do is argue with you.


I do not believe a sound argument ever really changed anyone’s mind. Science & psychology can testify to the fact that most of us only cling more tightly to our beliefs when pressured with facts from the other side of an argument.  What I do believe is that the thing that gets people’s attention the most is how we live.

I am not in the habit of proselytizing for the sake of having others on MY side.

I am in the habit of living my life with freedom, positivity, and gratitude. I believe in community and I believe in social justice. I practice grace, patience, and peaceful co-existence.

If living that way builds a relationship between us and influences you for the better, then we have both been blessed.  If that influence also leads you to talk to me about who I worship, how I vote, why I make the choices I make, what I believe about humanity, I’m a pretty open book. If you see my reasoning and change your mind…great. If you don’t…great. That is relationship. That is love.




With your freedom comes the right to walk away if you don’t like me or my beliefs.

With my freedom comes the right to peace. I prefer peace that is brokered by negotiation. But I will demand peace in my community if necessary. I will negotiate peace with you…but if you choose unrest…I will have unilateral authority over forums that I control including my home, my blog, my Facebook page, etc.

I will love you…but I won’t argue with you.

Arguing won’t change either of us into freer people.

Grace and peace will.

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