Will you be an outrageous radical with me and Jesus?

My friend Leslie Darnell tagged me in a post of this speech by Marianne Williamson on the marriage of politics and religion. I watched it twice and can’t help but share it here in my blog.

I DARE you to watch this if you are…

  • a cynic who have given up on religion or spirituality
  • an evangelical who believes you know what it means to be led by love
  • a liberal who needs to be reminded that love is the underpinning of what you do
  • a conservative friend who thinks that anyone who doesn’t share your belief system must not believe in God, believe in love, or have any morals or values

As I listen to Marianne speak so passionately I am humbled. I am reminded that I can not be quiet and just give up. That I have something to say and it must be said. I am also reminded that no matter what others may say about me, my operating system is LOVE. The difference between who I am at 36 and who I was at 26 is that I don’t parse my love to those who someone in the pulpit, or behind the podium, or in the CEO chair tells me to parse it to. I listen to the Divine. My creator. The God of the Universe.

Please watch this video (starting at about minute 6) and remember that the world is filled to overflowing with the people that God-SO-Loved!
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EggJ2vi5-QM&w=420&h=315]

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