15 Days: The Stress is REAL

Yes, I am getting excited. But the truth is, while everyone else is adjusting to the idea of my moving to Stockholm, my closest family, a few friends, and I have been adjusting since about mid-August…and we knew it was on the table since late June.

Needless to say, the drag from June to November is long. Some days are golden and I feel the blessing of every little forward motion. Meanwhile, other days are seriously fraught with land minds of pure stress and emotion. This week has been no different.

Getting my plane tickets and cat transport sorted has been a NIGHTMARE. The moving coordinators are nice…but in some ways I feel like my assigned person is just one more human I have to poke or prod to get productivity out of. I am in a constant state of hoping and praying that things will turn out easily and go smoothly. And in a semi-constant state of rolling with things when they don’t.

Today, after finding out that the moving company couldn’t book the flights I wanted for me and my cats, I sat nearly catatonic at lunch. Unable to talk. Unable to engage. Unable to think of my next steps. When the first tear left my eye, my best friend and life journey partner said “Are you feeling overwhelmed?” To which all I could muster was a nod.

All that to say…this move is hard…and  I’m still excited.

I feel extremely stressed…and I don’t have a single regret in this decision.

In 2 short weeks I will be leaving this beautiful city that I loved and call home…and I am as ready as I’ll ever be for an adventure.

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