18 Days: Important Things

18 days to departure…

Important things happened today including:

  • Lunch with Jen
  • A Massage with Chandra
  • Dinner with Therese

Interspersed in between were interviews with potential candidates for my new team, trips to the bank, phone calls to the moving company, and a trip to pick up the check for Daisy.

The important thing for me in these days is to find ways to get it all done while spending any free time I have with those that I love. This isn’t easy. It is however, essential.

In the hustle and rush associated with my move I think it is easy to lose sight of the fact that I LOVE my life in Seattle. I love my friends. I love this city. I appreciate the ease with which I now move around and know where I want to go and how to get there. I appreciate the friends I made in month 1 (Nicole, Marilyn, Geno, Hedie, and Becky) and I appreciate the friends I made in more recent times (Nipun, Sara, Chris, Therese). I have been fortunate over these 5+ years to loved and be loved by so many good people.

So despite my excitement about this adventure, I hope that each good person who has been part of my journey in Seattle knows they were loved, are loved, and will be loved.


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