19 Days and Counting: Lists, lists, & more lists

Well, it happened. I am now in the teens when it comes to days left in Seattle.

As I think about the upcoming days, I am faced with so many emotions. I am so eager to get to Stockholm and get settled. I’m excited about starting a new job and meeting my team. I am sad to leave friends and family that I’ve grown used to seeing regularly. I’m nervous about making friends and finding my way around. I’m stressed about getting this house emptied

Ultimately any move is an exercise is patience and organization. But a move that involves getting rid of nearly all of your possessions is different. I’ve never done THIS before. This is new.

So how am I maintaining peace and calm?


I have a list of to-dos

I have a list with what I’m doing every single day between now and 11/3

I have a list of things that my friends have claimed from among my things

I have a list of things that need to be sold or donated

I have a list of things I need to purchase before I leave the states

I have a list of items I want to ship separate from the rest of my goods so that I can have it when I first arrive in Stockholm

I have a list of the things I need to make sure I pack in my suitcase

I have a list of addresses that need changing, utilities that need canceling, and subscriptions to change or cancel

Lists are keeping me moving. I know I will totally miss something. But hopefully it won’t be anything super significant! I just keep reminding myself that as long as I have my passport, visa, and the documents needed to get the cats into Sweden, everything else is replaceable. It’s Sweden! They have stuff in Sweden. 🙂

Next up…take another shot at sorting my clothes, shoes, and handbags to reduce what I’m taking. EEK!

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