A Holy Weekend…

For so many Passover and Easter and Resurrection weekend is the most holy of weekends. The weekend when we celebrate the hand of God washing over Egypt making the way for freedom for the Israelite slaves. The Friday we suffer with Christ. Saturday we wait. Sunday we rejoice and are again shocked with what it means to raise from the dead.

Holy. So much is holy in the living parts and the dying parts.

In celebration…I had my own Holy Weekend.

Holy is setting aside discussions of testing time frames, user stories, and business reviews with Vice Presidents and talking…really talking…to your friend who happens to also be your boss. Finishing a 1 x 1 with an “I love you” and “I’m grateful for you”. That is Holy!

Holy is laughing with girlfriends…new and old…about love-making and g spots and pleasure. Because sex is holy. It is one of the most beautiful conversations and discussing it with your friends is so very Holy.

Holy is the 2 1/2 hour nap. The one you never take. The one that your body tells you that you need and the one that your whole self relaxes into. The nap where you climb into your bed and your pets wrap themselves around you and hold you in place. The sleep. The deep deep healing sleep. Sleep is Holy.

Holy are the walks…the ones in the sunshine. The ones in the clouds. The ones where you carry a water bottle and a book on the off chance that a spot shows itself perfect for a read and a rest. The promise of summer on the wind and the sweat of an uphill walk on your brow. Holiness in the Sunshine and the Rain. Always nature is Holy.

Holy is the weekly call…the one that everyone should be lucky to have…where your spiritual sister shares her heart and you share yours back. Holy is the laughter, the advice, the listening, and the love. Holy friendship…so very holy.

Holy is the feeling over tea, in front of the fireplace, with the Bible. The story that makes Resurrection Sunday for me. The story of Christ and his friend and first evangelist Mary. Mary who wished to cling to Jesus. Mary who ran to tell the others. Mary who had her hope restored in a word. Mary. The holiness of Mary. The holiness of women who love Jesus. The holiness of WOMEN who LOVE.

Holy is the decision to hold loosely to the things at work that are driving you mad. To loosen the grip that has you locked up and striving. Holy is the moment when someone else’s sexism, greed, ambition, or just poor form no longer has any say in how you see yourself. The moment you stop letting them define You and take back the ownership of your own soul is holy.

Holy is the shower, the glass of wine, and the perfectly cooked meal that is a celebration of Jesus and his Day. Not his birthday. His grandest day. Holy is the communion over which we meet the Spirit…the Lady God…the Father Divine.

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