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Anyone who is coached or mentored by me has probably heard me say “I don’t make decisions in the midst of chaos or stress because the data is bad.” Which means when you are in the middle of a crazy season, you need to gather information rather than make hasty choices. Those I coach also know that I’m not afraid of risk and I’m willing to make courageous leaps.

The question is always “How will I know…?”

Do you have enough information to make the next big decision you are faced with? Is there enough space in your life to get still and hear yourself think? Have you talked to your round table of advisors…the tiny group of people who get to weigh in about you and your life…about what you are considering? Is there alignment between the data and your gut instinct? Does the possibility of saying “yes” bring a smile and make your heart beat a little faster?

If yes, then feel free to leap!
If not, my advice is simple: ASK MORE QUESTIONS!

(Yes, this is a real post-it note on the wall of my home office just to the right of my screen. Anyone who knows me knows I hate post-its on or near my computer…which means this must be an important reminder if it’s been there since the early pandemic WFH times!) 😉

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