A Hidden Wholeness

I have to admit that I have found the other two books I’ve read by Parker Palmer tedious. I think admitting this is a crime in academic and org development circles. But this book was the book I needed. The combination of book I need and course work reading hardly ever seems to converge, but this time it did.

The concept of Circles of Trust made me feel a longing for church community. But it also reminded me that most of those circles were not trustworthy. The most trust worthy circles of trust I ever participated in where the Dwelling Group that met in my home and the Writing Circles I led in Seattle. Reading this book reminded me of the emptiness that comes from not being part of a community that shares it’s experiences…not just friends having dinner…but real soul baring stuff.

If there is ever a reason I will move back to the US, this is what will be underneath it. This longing.

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