A Promised Land

Hope and change.
President Obama is an excellent narrator of the American experience. For those not from the US, it may seem a bit long or self-indulgent. But for those of us in the thick of it as citizens and who had set our hopes on his changing the course, every detail matters.

He gives us his view of what many of us believed was the open onset of the vitriolic and hateful rhetoric of “the right”. He doesn’t pull punches at the partisan bad behaviors that we knew often kept his hands tied, but also takes responsibility for his mistakes and bad judgment. Mostly, he reminds us of what it felt like the night of the election, on Inauguration Day, as we suffered during the economic crisis, including the collective sigh we breathed as Americans when Bin Laden was taken down.

I loved Michelle’s book as well. But these books held different meanings for me. Both giving me something as a woman and a leader to hang onto. Both worth reading. Not open to comparison any more than Bill and Hillary Clintons books were.

Also…the man can craft a sentence. Beautifully done!

Thank you Mr. President. I look forward to book 2. And thank you for your service to your citizens and the world.

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