Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

There is so much humanity oozing on the pages of this book. And if you, like me, have spent some time on a therapists couch, you know you’ve wondered what it’s like for them and what they think of you afterwards. It’s also reassuring to know that as humans, our human helpers also need helpers.

My lovely therapist Ali at Midbar Therapy in Seattle Washington has walked me through a lot. A toxic work environment with some horrible lady bullies, the death of my father, the loss of my relationship with my mother, a move to Stockholm that nearly broke me. She has cheered me on when I found myself and had success. And she has stilled the voice in my head that wants to beat me up for the smallest infraction or mistake.

The insights that Gottlieb shares are an insight into the 3 therapists who have walked through my major life traumas with me. Partners each one in their time. I can only recommend this partnership for everyone. You don’t need to be broken to have a sounding board or someone to help you reframe your experiences. The best therapist or counselor is as down for the good stuff as the bad.

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