All My Knotted-Up Life

2 days. Couldn’t be helped. I would have read it in one sitting, but I had to stop and sit with my feelings for a bit.

I was told early that my dream of being a preacher would need to be funneled into being a Preacher’s wife. But that isn’t what I wanted or where my gifts are.

In the years when I was trying to come to terms with it all, I spent countless hours at the feet of Beth Moore hearing her teaching and knowing that my love of digging deep into the Bible was more than okay.

In the years since my faith was deconstructed, hers has been one of the few voices I’ve let minister. When she spoke against “locker room talk” and when she called for repentance by church abusers and leaders who allowed it, little cracks in my broken heart got mended. I don’t know what the future of faith looks like in my life, but this book did a work (as they say).

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