It is Okay to Change Your Mind!

It is okay to change your mind.

Sometimes the simplest act is to say “I don’t want to do that/think that/be that anymore.”
It doesn’t make you a criminal. It makes you human. And seriously being human is where it’s at.

Pretending that every decision you ever made was great is silly. No one nails it every time.
But failing to course correct when you need to (or hell…WANT to) is just plain foolish.

When the data starts pointing you in a new direction, change your mind.
The data can be numbers, research, and feedback. The data can also be your gut instinct, your broken heart, your excitement for a new direction…your intuition.

Yes, it’s true. Sometimes YOU are the data.
One of the most critical steps to saving yourself…whatever that means for you…is when you allow yourself to change your mind. No reprisal. No punishment. Just movement…the first step

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