It is STILL Okay to Not Be Okay

It is STILL okay to not be okay.
I know a lot of us are back (or headed back soon) at work this week and struggling with whatever brave face we told ourselves we needed to bring to 2022. But if 2020 and 2021 taught us anything, isn’t it that the turning of a new calendar year (or month or week) doesn’t generally solve a persistent problem?

So feel free to get real.
If you are still processing how hard 2021 was and need to say that…by all means tell your people.
If you got just enough rest during the holidays to start to identify what was under the exhaustion…don’t bury those feelings, work on them.
If you are fine and mentally feel strong…then celebrate the hell out of that and try to make some space for those who aren’t in the same spot yet.

But for the love of all that is holy, don’t just stack your fears, doubts, and hurt with more load. Find a coach, therapist, running group, friend, church community, or book club that helps you unpack the tough stuff.
And no matter what…remember…We Need You!

May 2022 give you the space to feel all your feelings, be seen for who and where you are, and enable you to love yourself.

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