Ode to the Beard

excuse-me-missAn Ode to Beards

Never in all my living days
Have I seen beards grown in so many ways

You are short, you are long, you are ZZ Top
You are red, you are brown, the gray won’t stop

I like to touch you with my fingers
I thought I’d move on but my love still lingers

You are well kept and scratchy, that’s a matter of fact
or you are long and soft, I can’t control how I act. 

I want to part you down the middle and use you as handlesout much
But it’s important to keep you away from lit candles

I have a fondness for you grown on handsome faces
and a fondness for how you show up in so many places

I’m astonished, I’m confounded, I’m utterly gobsmacked
and I pray that some day I’m utterly lumberjacked.


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