What does thankful feel like?

Thankful feels like…

…that moment when the sun shines even though it’s still raining and you feel the warmth and the water on your face

…paying every bill that is due because you have more paycheck than debtors thankful

…the sound of the engine on your car turning over on a cold morning

…being offered a space in line at the store in front of another because you only have a couple things and they have a cart full

…eye contact and a smile on an elevator full of people looking at their phones

…the first taste of rich, dark coffee as it touches your tongue and warms your throat

…tilting your head up and lips finding yours for a long, passionate kiss

…the sounds of little paws running down the stairs to meet you when you open the front door every night

…the rounded back of a tiny baby scrunched up sleeping as you hold them heartbeat to heartbeat

thankful-2…the crash of flying pins on a perfect 10 pin strike

…buttoning and zipping a pair of pants, dress, skirt…whatever…that hasn’t fit in a while

…hot water at just the right pressure beating down on your head

…the beat of the music that makes your body move as you lose yourself in the dance

…the breathtaking view of the ocean…or your favorite mountain…or the wide open sky after you haven’t seen it in a while




…a hug




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