Permission Slip: Laugh

Do you have a friend that you know you cannot practice next to in Yoga class because if the teachers says something silly, you’ll hear them breathe funny and you will start giggling?

Have you ever had a moment in church or other serious moment, where you could not pull it together because you could feel your sister’s body convulsing from contained laughter?

Have you ever laughed so hard and so loud, that you thought you might get kicked out of somewhere? Or better yet…have you been kicked out for laughing too hard?

God I hope you’ve had those experiences!!!

Some of my favorite moments have been laughing so hard I couldn’t breath. Making my sister snort or my nephews spew their drinks out their noses (or having them return the favor), are among my favorite moments. The memory of giggling so hard with my best friend that I had to walk out of a store can make me laugh again right now just thinking about it.

So please…LAUGH!

Laugh long. Laugh loud. Laugh often! You will feel lighter. You will feel younger. You will feel the pain and seriousness of the world shift, if only for a moment.

Consider this your permission slip to LAUGH!

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