Seattle: Come Rain or Come Shine–Layers

It’s almost Summer in Seattle. And I use the word “Summer” loosely.

Summer in Seattle involves layers. Lots and lots of layers.

Not quote THIS many layers… bird thing on my head or fur on my coat. Sheesh!

Today I wore Jeans, boots, a sweater, a cardigan, a light jacket, a scarf, and a hat. And I was FINALLY warm enough in the office to not feel like a human popsicle. Don’t get me wrong. I am actually loving the weather in Seattle. When the sun shines it is amazing. And when it’s rainy, I have an excellent excuse to have bad hair, sit on the couch, or not wash my new Jeep.

As I finish week 3 of being in Seattle I am finding that there are more layers to what I’m experiencing than just the layers of clothes.

Amazon–I find the folks I’m working with very intelligent, very serious, and somewhat suspicious. They seem to distrust and dislike first…and then open up as that is earned. That is hard for me because I tend to be the opposite. I also tend to just assume people will like me and am always surprised when folks are hesitant. I think these folks are very layered. They have a lot to them and I am not an “insider” just yet.

Seattle–This city just keeps unfolding. There are so many different types of people. Every where I go I meet someone who I find interesting. From the folks in my friend’s home church who are struggling to release doctrine while moving towards organic church…to the transvestite that I spent an hour talking to while getting our nails done earlier this week. There are so many different belief systems, races, religions, etc. blended in this beautiful city that it feels more like a city full of people on the fringe than anything else. Hmmm…no wonder this fringe dweller feels good about her move. 🙂

Home–My sweet little townhouse is coming together. I find myself wanting to make this place cozy for not only myself and the kits but also for all the potential guests who may come here to stay. This week I have also found out that I do not know all the possible hiding places in this house that Rose has found and made her own. I do however know where Malcolm “hides”.  (More from Mal about his thoughts on Seattle in his guest blog post later this week.)

Is it my fault I’m big and orange? I blame genetics. –Malcolm X Farmer I, Esquire

Relationships–I am very blessed with such amazing friends. Jelisa, Linda, Linda, Cara, Adrienne, Greg, Chad, etc…the list goes on and on of people who stay in touch with me regularly. These friends help me maintain normalcy and sanity in my daily life. Cara and Linda KS were available via phone for my meltdown yesterday over Mal being missing. Cara is consistency that has come on the journey from New Mexico, to Denver, and to Seattle. Linda H texts me about boys from her vacation in Hawaii. Adrienne sends me so much encouragement I feel like a rock star. Jelisa is the friend who is right by my side…though so far away. Chad is the friend who can make me laugh…every time…without fail. And Greg is Greg…always. And there are so many more of you that are keeping me sane with email, texts, calls, and Facebook posts.

In the meantime I’m beginning to make friendship or improve friendships locally. My friend Angelina checks up on me, invites me along, and just generally never fails to make me feel welcome in this city. I met Adrienne P at orientation and she’s been really willing to hang out and explore Seattle together. My landlord…the wife…is someone I could truly be friends with. And my neighbors are all friendly and some are willing to go out of their way for me.



Then there is a guy. But that’s a long story for another day. All I know is that this particular guy and this particular relationship is layered. Layers and layers and layers.  *sigh*



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