Seattle: Come Rain or Come Shine–Sunday


What to do with your first Sunday in a new place?

In a past incarnation of myself I would have done a ton of research, made some calls, and done a bunch of leg work to find a church to try out.

But this version of me…the one who is in a deep, peaceful, and evolving love relationship with God…hopped in the car and went on the lookout for some water to put my toes in and a quiet place to think. I found both.

I also spent some of that time finishing The Four Agreements and thinking about each of the agreements in relation to my faith, my current place in life, and my seeker’s heart. For those who haven’t read this small guide by

Be Impeccable With Your Words
Don’t Take Anything Personally
Don’t Make Assumptions
Always Do Your Best

(There is so much I could say about these that I’ll save for another time. I want to re-read the book another time and digest it some more.)

From there I joined some new friends for an organic home church experiment that they are trying on Sunday afternoons. It warmed my heart to see these sincere, intelligent, warm people as they work through what they feel they are being called from and called to. I was touched by their deep desire to ask the important questions and to move clearly in the direction of following Jesus…and putting aside the doctrine that has hampered their pursuit freedom in the past.

Then it was dinner with a couple girlfriends. Yummy Vegan food, laughter, and good conversation. Never a bad combo.

The questions on my mind after such a day include:

  • What does my faith need in this new place to continue to grow while not giving up the glorious freedom from structure, patriarchy, and the business of church that I’ve fought so hard for these past 2 years?
  • What would life look like if I could stop making assumptions and asked better questions to gain understanding of what people thing? Would this be the trick to not taking things personally for me?
  • How do I stop telling myself old stories and write new ones?
  • Why do I have such a strong distrust and fear of commitment with anything related to church? (Uh…I can answer that one but I want deeper answers than the totally obvious ones that all of us know!)
  • What’s next?

I’m the only person who can answer these questions in my life. You are the only person who can ask yourself these (or similar) questions. Just going to keep thinking, asking, and answering!

1 thought on “Seattle: Come Rain or Come Shine–Sunday

  1. sounds like a lovely Sunday, and the questions that follow are good ones. I hope you continue along good and healthy paths and find many wonderful people there in Seattle to share sincerity, good food, and laughter with.

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