Seattle: Come Rain or Come Shine–Prep Work (Post 1.0)

I’m moving to Seattle.  

This fact when stated aloud elicits reactions more so that any statement I’ve made in recent memory. I can summarize the reactions into three general categories:

1. Former Seattle-Dwellers–These folks have the most consistent reactions. 

“I loved living in Seattle…you will love it.” 
“Seattle is so quirky and fun…you are going to enjoy it.” 
“Everyone reads there…you’ll fit right in.”
“I’d move back in a heartbeat. Here let me make you a list of my favorite places.” 

2. Friends 

“I can’t believe you are moving farther away.” 
“I will definitely come visit you in Seattle!”
“You are so excited that it must be the right decision.”
“Here are the names & info of all the cool people I know in Seattle…”  

3. Captain Obvious and His Band of Fact Staters

“Ugh…It rains a lot there you know?”
“You will need to take extra Vitamin D you know.” 
“It’s very liberal up there.” (This one cracks me up…see the title of this blog…then move on)
“They have a Starbucks on every corner. Hope you like coffee.” 

4. Grumps & Haters

“You are going to HATE Seattle.”
“The weather is going to make you depressed.”
“Don’t get your hopes up that these sunny days during summer will last. The winters are miserable”  
“Have you ever LIVED in the Pacific Northwest? I give it less than a year.”

Category 1 makes me feel even more eager.
Category 2 gives me a warm feeling in my heart.
Category 3 makes me laugh and gives me an opportunity t o use my well-honed sarcasm skills.
Category 4 makes me want to rip of the speakers arm just to have something to beat him/her with.

Listen Naysayers…
I don’t like or trust people who can’t stand other people’s happiness. My decision does not affect you in any significant way. You were going along nicely before I came along and you’ll be fine after I’m gone. Oh…and PS…I don’t like you. That also goes for those of you who have a negative opinion about my new company or new position. And it goes DOUBLE for those of you who think it is necessary to talk badly about my hair being frizzy. (Ok..that might belong in the Captain Obvious category but some people say it with great pleasure…and those people are jerks.) You are the same jerky people who found sick pleasure in the fact that I struggled to find work for a few months in 2010. Or the people who enjoy a good break up story. And the same folks who like to watch ANY personal or family drama unfold from the bleachers of my life with a bag of popcorn and soda, as though I am here for your personal amusement.
A few words of advice. Get a life. Shut the hell up. Find a way to fill the empty hole inside yourself that makes you mean.

 As for the rest of you…
Thank you for the support and encouragement.
If I’m moving far away from you…please know that breaks my heart too. I love my friends and I love setting my eyes on my friends.
If I am moving closer to you…please make a little room for the new girl in your life. I’ve done this move thing twice in less than a year in a new city and could use all the support and friendship I can  get.
If I’m leaving you behind at IP Commerce…oh those words hurt my heart just typing them…know that you are much loved and that I am phone call away if you need me. You all have been my family in Denver. Sometimes dysfunctional and on any given day you’ve run me through all 4 of the categories above…but still much loved.
My dear friends and family…please know that you are loved beyond measure and have a spot in my heart and a place to lay your head in Seattle any time!
But bring a raincoat…I hear it rains a lot there. 🙂

More to come as the days progress.
I’m going to love each of you (except maybe the 4s) Come Rain or Come Shine!!

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