Seattle: Come Rain or Come Shine–The Waiting (1.1)

A wise blonde rocker once said “The Waiting is the hardest part.”

You were right Tom…you were right!

Current Seattle preparation activities include:

  • The Move Manager came over today and walked through my apartment to determine how many boxes to bring. On the phone he’d said “It’ll likely take me about 20 to 30 minutes.” To which I said “Oh, I think it’ll take you about 10.” He took one look at the shoebox and said “Yeah, I’ll be out of here in 5.” His only other words of wisdom were “You sure do have a lot of books. You might want to look at gettin’ one those Kindles.” *sigh*
  • I bought tickets for Linda KS to fly up to Denver to be my road trip buddy to Seattle
  • I rented an SUV for the trip to Seattle
  • I got rooms for each night of our road trip including a night in Missoula…home of my favorite ex-fiance
  • I know what day my packing/moving is going to happen and what day they are coming to pick up Carlos (my Jeep)


I am so eager to get on the road I can hardly stand it. Despite that eagerness I found that today I could hardly talk to Mark at work without feeling melancholy. I also got weepy riding the elevator down to the lobby to go home. I worked a long day just trying to get things done for Russ before I move to half days next week. I keep wishing Peter, Cuyler, Tyler, Chris were in town and in the office because I just want to laugh with them one more time as co workers. I take every chance I get to tease Darren and Mattias because I don’t know when I will again.

Let’s face it…I’m sentimental. I love my friends. And these sweet men have been so good to me professionally and personally since moving to Denver. I may not know much…but I know that the men mentioned above have reminded me how full the world is of good men who are kind, funny, and strong while loving their wives and children unabashedly and being a good friend to the new girl on the team and quickly making me feel like part of the family.

They can never be replaced. All I know is that for my part they are my friends for as long as they wish to be.

And now…back to the waiting…

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