Change – Step 4

Support I’m currently watching the house on the other side of the street get a massive facelift. As they work on it, I keep thinking “It looks like a new house!” The longer I stare (with a cup of tea from my front porch) the more I realize that it isn’t just a facelift. They […]

Stressed Out?

Stress can have a rough impact on both relationships and performance. When we are experiencing stress, it affects our ability to communicate effectively, make decisions, and manage emotions. This can lead to rocky relationships with the people we love the most and our work colleagues. It can definitely impact our ability to be productive. In […]

Change – Step 3

Self-Compassion This is our third week talking about change and it’s inevitability in our lives. We discussed Step 1 Acceptance and Step 2 Mindset in previous weeks. This week I want to talk about the role of compassion in a season of change and upheaval. Change often brings uncertainty, fear, and doubt. In moments like […]

Building a Fence…

Fences aren’t only intended to keep people out. They are meant to give the person on the inside a marker for the space that is entirely theirs to roam and oversee. The people on both sides of the fence should then be in positions to understand their own freedom and their own responsibility. I’m building […]

One view of mental illness…

I feel sad..about a lot of things. I feel sad about those darling children and brave adults who were killed last week. I feel sad that people are responding with so much anger instead of trying to figure out how to have a peaceful discourse. I feel sad for the parents of children with mental […]