Stressed Out?

Stress can have a rough impact on both relationships and performance. When we are experiencing stress, it affects our ability to communicate effectively, make decisions, and manage emotions. This can lead to rocky relationships with the people we love the most and our work colleagues. It can definitely impact our ability to be productive.

In relationships, stress can cause us to be irritable, argumentative, and defensive. So you know…a whole lotta fun. 😏 This can lead to misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and a breakdown in communication. Across time, this can erode trust and intimacy…and just when you need more connection, you may find yourself isolated.

Stress also has a negative impact on performance at work. When you or I are stressed, our ability to focus and concentrate drops. This can lead to the 3 Misses…mistakes, missed deadlines, and miscommunication. The end result can be burnout, lack of productivity, and unfortunately, more stress.

While we can’t (and shouldn’t) get rid of all stress…here are a few tips to being to manage it:

  1. Get outside!! Sunshine and exercise can make a real difference. I like to walk to the dog park (I don’t have a dog) and watch the lunatics play! It always elevates my mood.
  2. Create!! There is so much science on the impact of art on our well-being. So make something. Draw, paint, sing, dance, sew…whatever it is. Don’t worry about being great. Just do something!
  3. Practice Mindfulness!! This can be as easy as sitting quietly and calming your mind. Or you can join a class. My absolute go-to for this is a Sound Bath. Something magical happens in those classes that I can’t explain…but my friends Becky and Megan can!
  4. No Social Media!! Log off. Walk away. Get a book. But just stop interacting with it for a while. Your brain is begging for a break.
  5. Phone a Friend or Coach!! Get someone else’s perspective. Grab some coffee or an online chat. It’s good to have someone else in the mix to shake up your stuck thoughts.

If you, or someone you love, wants someone to talk through stress and stuck places with…I’m here!

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