The Basics

When I left my job last year, my mind, body, and spirit were a broken down mess and I didn’t even know it. I would have said I was a bit tired…but what I was was busted up. My body was angry with me. My mind was a swirl of negativity after enduring toxicity for nearly 12 months. My spirit was fractured and it was unclear what I needed.

So I started in the only place we can start…the basics.

Since then I have regularly heard myself giving this advice…”Are you getting the basics? Sleep, water, sunshine, and oxygen.”

Most people in crisis are NOT getting those things at the levels necessary to make good decisions or move forward in life. So I always ask them to start there…then we can talk.

Today I offer you the same advice and prescription…start with the basics and shoot me a message ( if you’d like to talk about it (whatever IT is).


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