5 signs YOU need a coach…

Hint: Most of us do at some point

Try though we might, the 3 little words that are hardest for many of us to say are, “I need help.”

The modern world has separated us from our village. Even in a crowd we can feel very isolated. By necessity, we’ve become extremely independent and capable. Hell, one of the first broken sentence many toddlers learn is “I do it!”

Well into adulthood, many of us run around mentally stomping our feet and saying “I do it!”

What if, just this once, you took a deep breath and said “Help?” I promise you the world will not end. You will not be asked to turn in your credit card and driver’s license so that someone can monitor your every move. Instead, perhaps someone will lean in close and say “How can I help? Let me do it…with you.”

If you are ready to say (even at a whisper), “I could use some help”, reach out and let’s work together. If I’m not the right partner for you, I’ll help you find someone else.

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