September Journaling – Day 4

My dad is one of my role models. From him I learned to listen all the way to the end of a person’s sentence, to stop what I’m doing that is important to me in order to make the other person feel important, and to meet each new experience with a sense of adventure.

My sister is one of my role models. She loves her people with all her heart. She wants what is best for them and wants more than anything for them to feel loved and be seen. She knows how to set boundaries but she also knows how to invite others in.

My best friend is a role model to me beacsue she loves unconditionally. She doesn’t expect perfection from the people she loves and doesn’t really even expect them to have a clue about what it all means or what to do next. She knows how to sit with others who are hurting and can even be a witness to death in her job with compassion and care.

I could go on and on…my life is filled with so many of you who model amazing things. Marilyn, Tanya, Nicole, Jen, Monique, Millie, Geno, G, Julian, etc. So many of you who have left marks on me that allow me to be a better version of myself and to partner with you in what happens next.

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