September Journaling – Day 5

Whiskers on kittens and warm woolen mittens!
The song is silly but sweet…but the truth is, we all have a list of a few things on earth that make us feel happy and joyful to be alive in this moment.

When I stop to think about what these things are, something happens in my physical body. There is a warmth in the pit of my stomach and any anxiety I was carrying across my shoulders eases. This physical reaction is key to keeping these things (and their memories) close.

So what are mine?
Lauging until I’m in tears with my best friend and my sister. Real hugs from people I love. The way the face of someone we know lights up when we walk into a room. The sound of rain when it’s pouring outside AND the feeling of sunshine on my face on any day of the year. I love the taste of avocados and the sharp scratchy feeling of the first sip of bourbon. And I love the whiskers on my kitten…pure joy.

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