September Journaling – Day 7

I have had some thoughts stirring around about where I want to live. Is it London? Is it Santa Fe? Is it somewhere else? And it feels oddly important even though I’m happy where I am and want to be here. So I want my brain to slow down and give me a break. I […]

September Journaling – Day 5

Whiskers on kittens and warm woolen mittens! The song is silly but sweet…but the truth is, we all have a list of a few things on earth that make us feel happy and joyful to be alive in this moment. When I stop to think about what these things are, something happens in my physical […]

Hearing Voices – How to Listen and Be Heard

As promised in last week’s video, this week I want to get really practical. In this blog you will find some tools and techniques that can help you evelbate your communication skills. The goal being better collaboration, better outcomes, AND finding and using your own unique voice. Active Listening Effective communication starts with active listening. […]

September Journaling – Day 4

My dad is one of my role models. From him I learned to listen all the way to the end of a person’s sentence, to stop what I’m doing that is important to me in order to make the other person feel important, and to meet each new experience with a sense of adventure. My […]

Hearing Voices – Your Authentic Voice

There is only one you. That can be an amazing remind and it can be overwhelming. My hope is that even in your overwhelm you realize that the mere fact that you are here and we need your voice, is enough to spur you on to the next step. What is the next step you […]

Permission Slips – Take What You Need

These past months I’ve been handing out permission slips most Fridays. And while I may continue doing that in the coming weeks, I wanted to take this Friday to offer each of us the opportunity to take the permission slip we most need. Sometimes we get stuck in a routine or in a limiting thought […]

Hearing Voices – Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Expressing Yourself

Have you ever felt like there’s something holding you back from truly expressing yourself? That something may be a limiting belief. Limiting beliefs are those negative thoughts and perceptions that hold us back from fully embracing our voice. They are often formed based on past experiences, societal expectations, or fear of judgment. Do you have […]

Permission Slip – Open Your Heart

The world will throw hurts our way and we will feel that we take hit after hit. And yet, there is joy and hope in having a heart open to more love, more happiness, more connection. When we close ourselves off, we might (yes, MIGHT) protect ourselves. But we also mute the good things that […]