Friday Permission Slip: Start Over

Many of us take stock of our week on Fridays. And if your corporate calendar looks like mine has at times, you can wonder what the hell even got accomplished.
So often we tend to shrug and plan to start over on Monday.

But what if…
– you gave yourself permission to start over right now?
– you didn’t carry any regret into your weekend, but instead told yourself the slate was clean starting right now?
– you were able to show up in your Friday and weekend without the baggage of the week and give your best self to your family, your friends, and yourself?
– you just shook it all off and started fresh right now?

This is your moment to start over.
Right here. This one. This moment.
If you need to formalize it, write yourself a permission slip. (Sticky notes are great for this!)

Happy Friday!!!

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