Stuck? Try again!

As a coach, clients often talk about where the are stuck. It’s easy for each of us (me included) to become fixated on what we can’t do rather than using our imagination to think big. The reality is that when we focus on our limitations, we become blind to our potential and our ability to take action.

And just when we start to lose hope, here comes The Wizard of Westwood with one of his gems…

And just like that we see the importance of focusing on our strengths, resources, and abilities. What can we do? Who do we know? What is possible? What else do I need to know? What would success look like?

So many questions and answers at our fingertips to help us expand our options.

As a coach, it’s my job to help you identify your strengths and resources. Instead of feeling defeated by what you can’t do, I will help you focus on what you can do and take the first step towards change. If you need this kind of help, check out my coaching services here.

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