Permission Slip: Dream Big

There is a theme to the conversations I’ve been having with other leaders lately…and it sounds like this:

My team lacks a sense of urgency. It’s like they are afraid to try things and want everything to be perfect before they make a move.

Doubt has snuck into our innovation spaces. Fear has taken a seat at the table and sneers while saying, “Careful. Don’t do anything too risky.” Many of the most talented people are sitting on their hands trying to contain the anxiety that if they take a chance and try something new, their name will be added to the next list of layoffs.

Fear can be a valid emotion. But it can also create behaviors that look like…dragging your feet on decisions, lacking the courage to risk anything that isn’t fully understood (which by the way is EVERYTHING), or ambivalence and boredom

Maybe what we all need is a permission slip to DREAM BIG AGAIN!

While there is a risk if we do dream big, the bigger risk is that we don’t.

We don’t take new chances.
We don’t imagine what would happen if everything went well.
We don’t envision a world where we’ve solved our customer’s problem.
We don’t smile at what is possible and drive ourselves, our families, and our teams forward

Dreaming Big is what got us so many of the products we love. Big hairy audacious goals (BHAGs) are what gets us out of bed every day…in our work and in our lives.

Living small and careful is an option. But the return on that investment is a small, careful existence. Perhaps that feels cozy, because it is safe. It cannot, however, create long-term energy, joy, and flourishing.

Now what?
Now that you have a permission slip, take out a fresh sheet of paper or open a brand new document on your computer or tablet and answer one of these questions in detail:

  1. What would I do if I had unlimited time, money, and resources?
  2. What is my biggest goal in life, and how can I take steps to achieve it?
  3. What are some things that I’ve always wanted to learn or try, but haven’t had the chance to yet?
  4. If I could create your dream job, what would it be like, and what steps can I take to make it a reality?
  5. What kind of legacy do I want to leave behind, and how can I work towards achieving that goal?

Need someone to bounce these ideas and dreams around with? A sounding board or a partner in dreaming? I’d love to help! Check out my coaching services and sign up for a free consultation.

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